A key recruitment offering provided by Capital Talent is the search, selection and facilitation of senior Information Technology or Government appointments.

A key differentiator of Capital Talent is that unlike most executive recruiters, our key personnel have previously been employed in senior ICT management roles, within both government and the private sector. The Capital Talent approach to undertaking these assignments is derived from many years of practical experience and a solid understanding of the key leadership qualities desired in a successful appointee.

We utilise a competency assessment approach across relevant role and map these competencies against key selection criteria (if government) or position duty statement criteria. When assessing incumbents against others, an honest and open impartial assessment is conducted to ensure the best candidates are selected for shortlist.

Our personnel have experience in successfully conducting many SES (Senior Executive Service) recruitment exercises for various government agencies as well as the search and selection for senior sales, management and CIO roles in the private sector.


Capital Talent recognise that not all assignments can be exclusive and that there is a place for the provision of contingent or non exclusive recruitment assignments. Circumstances will often exist where specific skills are not readily available, or where a wider active network of those sourcing for a role is required to tap into the best candidate fit for an organisation. Competitive panel supply arrangements also require competition amongst recruitment suppliers and contingent supply arrangements.

Capital Talent Consulting are a preferred supplier to the Queensland Government under a Standing Offer Arrangement SOA PTD 0033-15.